Full cyrcle company

Specialization’s areas

Architecture lighting

Public buildings, monuments
private holdings, bridges

Street lighting

General and local roads

Landscape lighting

Parks, squares, recreation areas and surrounding areas, sports fields, private areas

Interiour lighting

Public, industrial, residential, exhibitions

Commercial lighting

Shopping centers, offices, restaurants, fitness clubs, shops

Light art

Light pictures and installations

Сompany closely works with architects, designers and developers around the world, on mutual benefit

How it works. Steps

Pre-design works

  • Collection and analysis of initial data taking into account the features of the object
  • Natural light
  • Consultaion and meeting with client off-line and on-line


Design project

  • Visualization of lighting by concept (as required)
  • Preparation of detailed project documentation (VDC(BIM) engineering possible)
  • Preparation and issuance of technical tasks to adjacent departments
  • Equipment Specification


The company can start at any stage of project. There are separate services – consultation and supply

Our capabilities

  • Audit of existing lighting system and “reconstruction” as require
  • Development lighting concept
  • Lighting design any complex, including electrical design
  • Automation and control lighting
  • Create design installations
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Author supervision

our Garanties

  • Symbiosis of creativity and technology – makes it possible to translate almost any idea into reality
  • Experience – our company has extensive experience in the field of lighting – more than 16 years
  • Quality – company gives guarantees all supplied equipment
  • Author supervision– by lighting designer who developed the project, helps monitor project execution during the realisation phase
  • Installation and  commissioning– reduces hardware installation errors. Pre-configuration of the control system is necessary for its further correct work in various scenarios

Our projects

Please, look at the portfolio of our work