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We invite everyone to the exhibition of light pictures!

​Postponement of the event due to restrictions on cultural events introduced on November 13 in the city of Moscow. The date will be announced later.

We invite you to the personal exhibition of the founder of our studio    @shalneva.natalya with her light pictures. The event will be held with the support of the @comeinpro Cultural Center in Taganka and our studio.

Congestion, stress and often, inability to relax, leads people to find solutions How to do it. In a pandemic time, the search for these solutions is more urgent than ever.
Lighting designer and artist Natalya Shalneva offers her light paintings to create a special atmosphere. To relax and restore physical and mental strength.

Art – objects living in the dark, with the effect of a “breathable” surface on canvases, and a constant game of Light, Color, Shadow and Volume. The pictures change every second, thanks to the built-in color illumination. To see the entire cycle of changing the picture takes at least 2-3 minutes.

Combined with relaxing music from the best DJ’s in Moscow @roman_oospeh and @ne0ma_vnukov, works help immerse yourself in dynamic meditation. Completely reboot, disconnecting from internal and external dialogues and reach Nirvana, using an absolutely safe way to do this.

Viewing works involves entering the room without shoes, which you can leave in prepared places near the entrance. In the Come- In cultural center you will also have a real fireplace, which will additionally create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Warm carpets and sofas with pillows will make it possible to consider each picture in detail, conveniently located next to it.

In connection with the situation in the world and the country, take masks and gloves with you. We will respond to the developing situation as much as possible and additionally report changes.

Come, it’ll be interesting!